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Skarn - The 3D Printed Ball-Jointed Wyvern

The wyvern, a class of dragon all of it's own. Skarn is a true wyvern with extremely poseable wings to stand on, rear-up in a fierce display, or just curl up in a cute ball.

The second ball-jointed creation from Deverish Workshop. More detail than ever before has been lovingly put into this latest creature creation.

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Deverish Also

Magic And Technology Clash! A fantasy adventure tale.

Another world, ruled by sword and sorcery has been thrown into chaos by an outsider who introduced technology that can control magic.

Finn is an unwitting engineer, the second outsider to arrive in this strange new world. He is met by the sorceress Nara, Kuroraki the belligerent knight and Raezinus, a dragon with his own secretive agenda.

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Ryth - The 3D Printed Ball-Jointed Dragon

A beast with a fearless heart, a mythical mystical enigma. Ryth is a 3D printed ball-jointed dragon figure that in incredibly poseable and utterly adorable.

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Shen - The 3D Printed Ball-Jointed Eastern Dragon

A legendary creature with auspicious powers. shen is incredibly flexible and fierce, able to stand on his own or wrap around your arm or neck, Shen can also grab on to just about anything.

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