Deverish Also A Fantasy-Adventure Graphic Novel Series

Magic And Tehnology Clash!

A fantasy adventure tale.

Another world, ruled by sword and sorcery has been thrown into chaos by an outsider who introduced technology that can control magic.

Finn is an unwitting engineer, the second outsider to arrive in this strange new world. He is met by the sorceress Nara, Kuroraki the belligerent knight and Raezinus, a dragon with his own secretive agenda.

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Tome One - Peregrination

What happens when you add technology to a world ruled by magic?

A bizarre accident throws an unwitting electrical engineer from Minnesota, named Finn, into the magical realm of Nodshadan.

Surrounded by people he can’t understand, Finn thinks the worst of his problems will be learning the language and finding food.

After being attacked, he meets a powerful mage and a flying warrior who accuse him of being an accessory to a violent conspiracy!

Finn learns quickly that he’s not the first outsider to have been tossed into Nodshadan and his forerunner used technical knowledge to seize control of the throne.

As peace crumbles in Nodshadan, Finn might be the only one who can restore order, but can he convince anyone to trust him?

Tome Two - Supersedence

Kuroraki has been trapped for a decade within a cursed armor crafted of litesilver, a metal worth more than gold.

While the flashy armor’s magical properties prevent his death, it constantly attracts deadly attention from treasure hunters and thieves.

Tired of being hunted, Kuroraki is frantic to have it removed.

His only hope is Raezinus, a dragonblood magician and original creator of the armor.

Instead of breaking the curse, Raezinus spends his time researching obscure lore and experimenting on newcomer Finn, who was inadvertently teleported to their world.

Raezinus has underestimated the cursed knight, and his desperation is reaching treacherous new heights.

And a desperate man is dangerous...

Tome Three - Ruination

The slow smoldering war between the last two Dragonbloods reignites in the realm of Nodshadan.

The introduction of technology that can amplify magic and new advanced weaponry is shifting the balance of power.

Now a usurper sits on the throne, influenced by the disgraced Dragonblood, Irroimus, who has his own agenda and plans to reshape the realm in his own vision.

One thing stands in Irroimus’ way: the last Dragonblood mage, Raezinus.

In seclusion, Raezinus plans a strategy to restore Nodshadan to its former magnificence and his own honor in the process.

Befriending Finn, the other-worldly traveler and electrical engineer, is crucial to his tactics. But can the plan be executed before Raezinus’ own dark past comes back to haunt him?