Skarn – ‘Ice’ Translucent White & Translucent Blue


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The roar that breaks the evening calm heralds the arrival of Skarn. The wyvern’s terrifying visage against the twilight inspires or terrorizes those who lay eyes upon them, and many find strength in the power of Skarn’s glory. Master of the skies, Skarn is composed of a fierce determination and a burning fury that none may tear asunder. There are few who can outmaneuver Skarn, and fewer who can outrun them.

Skarn is a 3D printed ball-jointed dragon figure that is poseable and incredibly fierce. With 37 point of articulation, Skarn can creep across your desk, rear-up on hind legs and be fierce or drape their wings on your shoulder and go along with you on your travels.

Length (From tip of nose to tip of tail)
18" (36cm)

20.25" (52cm)

Standing height at front shoulder
4" (10cm)

Standing height at head
7" (19cm)

'Hind-legs only' Standing height
10.5" (27cm)

3D printed polylactide plastic, elastic cord

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in


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